Weekend Wrap Up - a look at this week’s Industry Updates

January 30, 2022

With no new wide-releases, you would normally expect a lag in the box-office – unless there was a strong rotation of titles in theaters. And that’s exactly what they had! Moviegoers came back this weekend to watch (or re-watch) well-liked titles that released last year. Overall, the box-office collected an impressive $35.6M.


No film in the top five had a poor holdover – Spider-Man: No Way Home’s $11M is just -21% lower than last weekend. Scream fell just -39% and Sing 2dropped –16%. Redeeming Love? -47%. And The King’s Man dropped just ­-1.6%. Looking outside the top five, we could even see some weekend-to-weekend growth: American Underdog, Ghostbuster’s Afterlife, Licorice Pizza, and Nightmare Alley all made more at the box-office this weekend then the one prior. For some, the reason is because theaters gave the film more screentime – other films just are walk-up friendly.


Circling back to Spider-Man: No Way Home, it’s no surprise that it came in first place again this weekend. Its domestic total has risen to $735.9Mjust a stone’s toss away from the current third highest-grossing film, Avatar, which ended with $760.5M. Overseas, the MCU blockbuster has pushed past a $1B total. That makes this movie – which I’ll remind you released during a pandemic – the first to do that well overseas since 2019’s The Lion King. Spideyalso hit this milestone without a release in China, the world’s biggest oversea market.


While Spider-Man’s run will eventually fizzle, Tom Holland will be returning to theaters very soon when Uncharted hits the big screen on Friday 18. Even though we don’t expect a debut anywhere near the likes of his Marvel franchise, it should make for a decent blockbuster.


Coming up this Friday, two new wide-releases hit theaters: Jackass Forever and Moonfall.


There might not be too many new wide-releases yet, but let’s not forget that 2022 is a year of growth. In just a couple months, the drive-ins will be back in season. The heavyweight titles are on their way.


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