Video Games Trivia Giveaway

Video games are fun. Movies are fun. Video games AND movies combined? We can’t even. If you know the Konami code, you’ve got a good shot with this trivia pack.

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Video Game Trivia – Pixels
Which of the following video games does not appear in the 2015 movie Pixels?
Video Game Trivia – Who Developed Sonic
Which console company released Sonic The Hedgehog in 1991 as their mascot?
Video Game Trivia – First Movie Adaptation
Which video game spawned the first movie adaptation?
Video Game Trivia – Detective Pikachu
Who lent their voice talents to the wise cracking and electrifying Pikachu in the Pokemon film, Detective Pikachu?
Video Game Trivia – Swingers NHL 93
In 1996’s “Swingers” Vince Vaughn plays NHL’93 on Super Nintendo and successfully makes Wayne Gretzky do what?

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