Tom Cruise Trivia Giveaway

Hollywood legend and favorite, Tom Cruise has won over audiences with so many iconic roles. At 59 years old, he’s still doing his own stunts – including flying a jet and helicopter for Maverick. Like a modern day Paul Rudd, the man never seems to age. See how well you know TC with this trivia pack.

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Tom Cruise Trivia – Marvel Role
In an amazing casting what-if, Tom Cruise was offered what Marvel Cinematic Universe role?
Tom Cruise Trivia – Academy Awards®
Tom Cruise has been nominated for how many Academy Awards®?
Tom Cruise Trivia – First Lead Role
In what movie did Tom Cruise get his first leading role?
Tom Cruise Trivia – Birth City
In which US city was Tom Cruise born?
Tom Cruise Trivia – 1983 Film
In which 1983 film did Tom Cruise star alongside C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Macchio, Matt Dillon and Rob Lowe?
Tom Cruise Trivia – T Shirt
What custom t-shirt does Tom Cruise’s character sport in the film The Color of Money?

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