Scary Movie Trivia

The leaves are starting to change with a brisk chill in the air. Yes, that means it is almost time for Halloween! Do you have the guts to get through the scary season’s trivia? See if you have what it takes to take on Michael, Jason, Freddy, and friends!

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Scary Movies – Halloween Mask
The Michael Myers mask in the movie Halloween (1978) was of what male celebrity likeness?
Scary Movies – Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Who is the villain in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
Scary Movies – Where is Scream
What town did Scream originate in?
Scary Movies – Hear you scream
“In space, no one can hear you scream” is from what horror film?
Scary Movies – The Thing
The Thing (1982) was directed by who?
Scary Movies – Friday 13th Location
Where does the original Friday the 13th take place?
Scary Movies – Halloween Last Name
What is Michael’s last name in the Halloween franchise?
Scary Movies – Ash Evil Dead
Who played Ash in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series?
Scary Movies – The Shining Quote
Finish the quote from The Shining: “Here’s ______!”

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