The Battle of Algiers

Algiers, 1957: French paratroopers inch their way through the labyrinthine byways of the Casbah to zero in on the hideout of the last rebel still free in the city. Flashback three years earlier, as the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) decides on urban warfare. Thus begin the provocations, assassinations, hair-breadth escapes, and reprisals Algerian women — disguised as chic Europeans — depositing bombs at a sidewalk café, a teenagers’ hang-out and an Air France office and massive, surging crowd scenes unfolding with gripping realism
Release Year: 1966
Run Time: 2:1 (121 min)
Rating: NR
Starring: Jean Martin, Ugo Paletti, Brahim Hadjadj
Director: Gillo Pontecorvo
Box Office Revenue: 964,028
Written by: Gillo Pontecorvo, Franco Solinas
Budget: $800,000

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