F+C Black Cinema Trivia

Test your knowledge about Black Cinema and see how much you really know!

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Black Cinema Trivia – Oscars
Who is the first and only Black actor to have received two Academy Award acting nominations in the same year?
Black Cinema Trivia – Suicide Squad
Which academy-award winner portrayed the mysterious & sometimes villainous Amanda Waller in the Suicide Squad Movie series?
Black Cinema Trivia – Draft Day
From which university did the Cleveland Browns draft Vontae Mack (Chadwick Boseman) in Draft Dat (2014)?
Black Cinema Trivia – Independence Day
Which actor said the iconic line, “Welcome to Earth” in Independence Day (1996)?
Black Cinema Trivia – Spike Lee’s Debut
What was Spike Lee’s feature film directing debut?
Black Cinema Trivia – Madea’s Debut
Which film was Tyler Perry’s first as Madea?

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