Dwayne Johnson Trivia

If you you smell what the Dwayne is cooking! That’s right! The most electrifying man in sports entertainment… and movies is here to lay the Smackdown on you with DC’s Black Adam! See if you know Dwayne Johnson trivia better than anyone else. Finally… Dwayne Johnson has come back to the big screen!

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Dwayne Johnson Trivia – Hobbs
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Fast and Furious character Hobbs was originally written for this veteran actor.
Dwayne Johnson Trivia – WWE
Dwayne Johnson was best known as who in professional wrestling?
Dwayne Johnson Trivia – Family
Dwayne Johnson joined “The Family” in which Fast & The Furious?
Dwayne Johnson Trivia – First Movie
What was Dwayne Johnson’s first movie?
Dwayne Johnson Trivia – Sport Before Wrestling
What collegiate sport did Dwayne Johnson play before wrestling?
Dwayne Johnson Trivia – Jungle Cruise
Dwayne Johnson starred alongside this person in The Jungle Cruise:
Dwayne Johnson Trivia – Disaster
In which disaster movie did Dwayne Johnson play a rescue helicopter pilot?
Dwayne Johnson Trivia – Maui
Maui, played by Dwayne Johnson, is from what animated film?
Dwayne Johnson Trivia – Hart Movie
Which movie did Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart NOT star in together?
Dwayne Johnson Trivia – Fast
What was Dwayne Johnson’s character in the Fast & The Furious franchise?

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