Doctor Strange Trivia Giveaway

Surgeon, Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange – if you don’t know exactly who we’re talking about, you should probably move along. But if you’re in tune with the ancient mystic arts, dive in to this Doctor Strange trivia pack.

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Doctor Strange Trivia – Alternate Career
Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t always plannign on living his life in front of the camera. For awhile he had aspirations for what profession?
Doctor Strange Trivia – Specialty
What kind of doctor is Stephen Strange?
Doctor Strange Trivia – Rachel McAdams Roles
Rachel McAdams, who plays Christine Palmer in Doctor Strange, had previously turned down the role of what famous Marvel character?
Doctor Strange Trivia – Relic
What is the name of the relic that Doctor Strange wears around his neck?
Doctor Strange Trivia – Benedict Cumberbatch Shakespeare
Benedict Cumberbatch almost turned down his role in Doctor Strange because he was committed to playing this Shakespearean character on stage.
Doctor Strange Trivia – Enemies
Which villian did Doctor Strange face and conquer in the first film?

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