Directors make the dream a reality. Check out your favorite director’s body of work or explore someone new.

Quentin Tarantino

Uproarious, Gorey, Dark and Powerful. Quentin Tarantino has been producing cinema like no other for decades. Check out this pack to preview some of his best works.

A director that has created his own genre. Films so suspenseful and thrilling that it requires peak attention. Here are the trailers of Christopher Nolan’s beautiful work.

A critically acclaimed director who has continued to produce masterpiece after masterpiece. Martin Scorsese work will live on passed his time on this earth. Check out the trailers for his best films here.

Interested in learning more about the people behind the camera? Take a quick dive into the various films of female directors across the decades and rediscover a few cult classics that you might’ve forgotten.

Looking for something you missed? Check out some of the latest and upcoming films from female directors.

A director with some serious range. Has directed Sci-Fi masterpieces as well as thrilling Historical Adventures. If you are unsure of what film you want. Check out some of these trailers and decide.

One of the Most influential personalities in the history of cinema. Not much else to say about him. A truly genius director who is passed the point of greatness.

David Fincher is director who has built his career in suspense. So if you want to be hanging at the edge of your seat, I would recommend checking out some of these trailers.

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